KTC was Awarded “Industrial Injury Prevention Advanced Unit”
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2012-11-06 )

Shenzhen Social Security Fund Administration and Shenzhen People's Government Emergency Management Office held 2011 annual industrial injury prevention advanced unit selection activity on Aug. 2012. In this activity, KTC was awarded “Industrial Injury Prevention Advanced Unit” with excellent performance.

The range of this selection is all work-related injury insurance insured enterprises. It is aimed at making conclusions, encouraging advanced units and supervising behind units by electing, honoring, rewarding to consolidate the result of industrial injury prevention, and average up the working level of enterprises’ industrial injury and safety production. The selection is very strict. The selected enterprises should meet the following 3 requirements at the same time: 1. leaders of inured enterprises attach importance to and propagandize industrial injury insurance policy positively; and pay industrial insurance in time according to population. The participating insurance rate should be 100%; 2. there is no production accident that caused death or grade 1~8 injury in 2011, and the industrial injury accident rate of 2011 should be lower than 0.8‰; 3. the total amount of 2011 industrial injury insurance-total amount of industrial injury compensation﹥5000.

KTC adheres to the policy of “protect worker’s health legally, prevent safety accidents effectively, improve working environment continually”. In the progress of safety production, all staffs should spare no efforts to prevent industrial injury from happening to avoid bringing hurt and bitterness to workers and their family. Lower the accident rate to ease paying burden of social insurance fund. From now on, we will keep on working and strive for better achievement.