KTC Held 2012 Summer Camp for Employee’s Children
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2012-08-14 )

On August 5, the long-anticipated summer camp came to children.

This summer camp was an outdoor outward bound. The purpose of this activity is to bring amusement to children, at the same time, to build their confidence and courage when confronting difficulty, and learn to help and establish solidary friendship with each other.

Training teachers and KTC employees led 73 children to Nan’ou base by bus at 7:30a.m. and began a warm and interesting trip.

After arriving at the base, children played some ice-breaking games in the guidance of teachers. These games made children understand the content and purpose of this summer camp and helped them to participate in activities quickly, which paved the way for the whole day activities. Then, children were divided into 2 teams and selected one monitor and vice-monitor. They confirmed the team name and team song and so on. In the process of building team, children knew and communicated with each other, which can develop their team building and adjusting ability.

After building up a team, children began the competition on energy transfer, streetcar and crosswise crab. Energy transfer is a team competing program. Children need to transport balls to a bucket with PC tubes. Through this game, children can realize that the keys of competing task in a team are clear assignment and good cooperation, at the same time, deepens the understanding of “help each other”. Streetcar is a game that needs all team members stand on boards, then move forward with same pace. This game can discipline children and cultivate the spirit of “never give up”. Crosswise crab requires effective communication to solve problems. In this game, only united pace, mutual encouragement, less complaint and concerted effort can win.

After lunch, children had a rest and then continued super wheel, star war, speed limits and other training programs. Super wheel requires children make a “wheel” with newspaper, tape, and scissors within a set time. Then team member drives this wheel from starting point to finish point with the body. This activity develops the abilities of making rational use of resources and coordinating. In star war and speed limit, both games demand teamwork, which can develop communicating and implementing ability and cultivate collectivism through practice.

Time flies. Before you can say Jack Robinson, one day passed. Children confronted various difficulties and challenges in that day, but no child held back. They tried their best to promote all-rounded abilities and enjoyed a happy holiday. At last, KTC sent a little gift to children, which represents the blessing and hope of all staffs.