KTC New LCM Module Workshop Goes Into Production
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2012-07-23 )

New LCM module workshop of KTC has gone into production since July 3. The new workshop covers about 2000 square meters, possessing 2 LCM assembly lines. Together with original workshops, there are over 330 workers in LCD Product Department, and the monthly output of LCM can reach 200 thousand above, covering 23.6-inch to 42-inch, which symbolizes that the enhancement of vertical integrative capacity and improvement of product competitiveness.

In recent years, with the trend of technological advancement and product cost controlling, demand for domestic and overseas markets on open cell panel, direct-type backlight TV and all-in-one machine increases day by day. Open cell panel is that TV manufacturing enterprises purchase cell from panel factory and then process backlight module by themselves, which has a wide margin comparing with purchasing original panel. Direct-type backlight TV adopts advanced dot-matrix LED dynamic backlight as luminous source, which will make the backlight transmit to the entire display screen evenly. Comparing with lateral-type backlight TV, the brightness of direct-type is more even and without light leak. The so-called “all-in-one machine” is that when designing TV, rolls the surface frame of panel module and the frame of machine, back plate of module and the cover of machine into one. The cost of product can be reduced as a result of omitting part of plastic and hardware parts.

KTC’s newly developed open cell panel, direct-type backlight LCD TV and all-in-one machine give an advantage of lowering product cost with the aid of stable and sound quality, various styles and unique design, receiving praise from numerous professional company, and being popular among Aisan and American customers. Relying on the instruction of new technology and focusing on novel and practical product design, the newly increased LCM module workshop strengthens production capacity of these three products and increases the market share. Meanwhile, KTC strives to develop LCM liquid crystal module project and adopts assembly line operation to decrease the cost of manufacture further and increase production efficiency. The service of LCM module workshop enhances the marketing competitiveness of open cell panel, direct-type backlight LCD TV and all-in-one machine, and the same time, increases market share of KTC’s products, and provides more motive power for next stage technology research and development.