KTC Huizhou Sandong Factory Goes into Production
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2012-06-29 )
       Earlier this month, KTC Huizhou Sandong factory went into production. Sandong factory is located in Huizhou Sandong Digital Industry Park. The total area reaches 40 thousand square meters, possessing 3 TV assembly lines. It is predicted that the production capacity can reach 150 thousand machines per month; in addition, there are other facilities equipped, such as panel detecting line and air compressor.
       KTC provides domitory, canteen and other basic living facilities for staffs, besides, net bar, chess room, billiard saloon are provided too. Moreover, Television is equipped for staffs so that they can relax and have good rests.
       The production of Huizhou sandong factory promotes the production capacity of KTC, at the same time, lowers the cost of production. The operation of new factory is of great significance on KTC’s future development.