A Good Anvil Does Not Fear the Hammer—KTC’s product in MTBF Testing Reaches 50000 hours
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2012-04-01 )

MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) refers to the average time between failures of product, which is an index of reliability for judging products(especially electrical appliance) and an ability of maintaining functioning within schedule time. The bigger the MTBF value is, the longer failure-free time it has, which represents the higher reliability and stability.


32-inch LCD TV produced by KTC passed 50000 hours MTBF test, implemented by the fifth research institution of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology successfully. It is not merely a datum, but rather, it shows that the product integrative quality level of KTC group has been the leading position in the international industry, which is the achievement of KTC's ceaseless pursue in technology strength and quality control.


Reliability of product protects the direct value of customers and let customers enjoy the maximum value of products. The quality of product stems from enterprise's design standard, strict requirements as well as advanced quality management method. In recent years, KTC keeps on increasing the input on technology research and development, strengthening quality control. KTC adheres to "Dedicated Service, Supremacy Quality" and high-quality. We aim at providing the highest service to customers and enhancing quality control and environmental protection and have built up top-ranking quality control management system.