KTC was awarded Longgang District 2011 “Export Contribution Award”
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2012-03-22 )

“2012 Shenzhen City Longgang District Spring Dinner Sodality” was held at Longgang Zhonghai Pavilion Hotel on 7th , March. The standing member of Shenzhen municipal Party committee and secretary of district committee Jiang Zunyu, deputy mayor Chen Biao, district governors Jiang Jianjun and other leaders gathered together with more than 300 enterprise representatives, investors and industry association representatives to discuss cooperation and development. KTC was invited to attend this activity as well.


In the sodality, Longgang district committee and government granted “Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Tax Paying Contribution Award”, “Export Contribution Award” etc. to 45 enterprises for making contribution to Longgang’s economic construction. KTC was awarded Longgang District 2011 “Export Contribution Award”. In recent years, KTC have developed large size LED TV, 3D TV, Smart TV and other new products with continuous self-dependent innovation and increasing research and development input, which gains approval from many new and regular customers. At the same time, KTC attracts more professional buyers through attending various exhibition. In the past one year, KTC kept a good momentum in foreign trade, selling products to Asia, Europe, America, Middle East countries and areas. The value of export of KTC has taken up 55% of gross sales.


In the meeting, district leaders showed gratefulness to awarded investors and enterprises for making great contribution to Longgang economic social development and pointed out that in the past one year, the young Longgang changed dramatically, and will have new big developments and opportunities. Great potential and infinite opportunities make Longgang being a stage for outstanding and gifted person to realize his/her ambition. KTC will keep on expanding foreign market and improving comprehensive strength and competitiveness to repay society with economic benefit and make economic and social contribution to Longgang, even to Shenzhen.