KTC was Awarded Shenzhen Customs “Client Coordinator System Enterprises”
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2011-12-22 )

Recently, the appraising and selecting result of Shenzhen customs “Client Coordinator System Enterprises” that lasted for nearly half a year was made known. KTC stands out from more than 50 thousand enterprises in Shenzhen, succeeding in ranking among Shenzhen customs “Client Coordinator System Enterprises”. Our general manager, Ling Feng, represented KTC to sign the memorandum of cooperation with customs deputy director Hu Naitao.

“Client Coordinator System Enterprises” refers to a large-scale enterprise with high credit rating and specialized management and identified by Shenzhen customs. The client coordinator system is centrally managed. Customs has special windows for bussiness, offering convinient and efficient audit. Also, it adopts integrity customs clearance mode, including “E-auditing, declaration in advance, automatic customs clearance, afterwards document surrender” and “priority for goods inspection”; there are some prominent features, such as paperless customs clearance, convenient and efficient audit, trust-based release, one-stop service, and so on. The selection of “Client Coordinator System Enterprises” can greatly speed up the the process of clearance procedures, reduce operating costs and improve efficiency of customs clearance.


The evaluation of Shenzhen Customs “Client Coordinator System Enterprises” is extremely strict, which requires enterprises to have more than 100 million dollars annual exports or more than 100 million RMB annual tax in Shenzhen, good reputation(AA, A or higher credit grade), sound internal management system standard and other conditions. All these requirements need to be satisfied at the same time. Therefore, all the selected “Client Coordinator System Enterprises” over the years are the large-scale enterprises with high visibility and strong comprehensive strength.


In April, we submitted relevant data that apply for client coordinator system enterprises to Buji customs according to the requirements listed above. After verifying the data, Buji customs dispatched officials to our company to verify every indexes (mainly to verify the index of internal controlling, financial situation, import and export law-abiding, trade safety, etc.). In August, we passed the verification test and then Buji customs submitted our information to Shenzhen customs. After a further investigation, we are finally approved as “Client Coordinator System Enterprises”. A lot of effort has gone into gaining this.


This selection is another great honor after ranking in 2010 China Foreign Trade Private Enterprises Top 500, which not simply shows the substantial growth in export sales performance but also reflects that we have received an increasing recognition of comprehensive competitiveness and brand perception. From the beginning of this year, we have developed the US and European market on the base of consolidating Southeast Asia and South America market. We have made a good performance by offering diversified and differentiated service with the guarantee of reliable and sound product quality, which lays a solid foundation for the two great performances above.