Leaders of KTC Conferred with Leaders of Huizhou Government on the Progress of Promoting Investment Project
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2011-12-16 )

 In order to boost the development of Flat Panel Display project in huizhou Zhongkai high-tech zone, and to meet the consumer demand of our new products, such as 3D TV, smart TV, which are going to access to market, as soon as possible, chairman Ling bin, vice-president Li yubin and other leaders of KTC paid a special visit on 22, September to the Standing Committee of the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Zhang ying, the District Secretary of Zhongkai High-tech zone Zhong yi’er, the Deputy Secretary Luo zhicheng, the Deputy Secretary, Deputy Director of Administration Committee and Director of Huinan high-tech industrial park Administration Committee Wen shaoliang, the Deputy District head of Huicheng Ling jianping, the Deputy Director-general of Huizhou Land and Resource Bureau Hu zhiwei, the Deputy Director of Huizhou Power Supply Bureau Zou guilin, the Deputy Director of Huinan high-tech Industrial Park Administration Committee Jiang xiqing and other government leaders. They held a conference about the implementation of KTC project in Huizhou.

During the conference, we reported the latest progress, existing problems and the major arrangement for next stage of this project. Deputy Mayor Zhang ying said: KTC Flat Panel Display project is one of the key emerging strategic industry development projects of Huizhou. The completion and operation of this project will contribute to promoting the development of emerging strategic industry chain, accelerating the industrial transformation and upgrade as well as optimizing industrial structure. Huizhou City will spare no efforts to provide KTC with government affairs services and relevant departments will fully support and cooperate with KTC to deal with the problems, such as land transferring, construction-applying, water and power supplying, helping Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd speed up the construction of this project, striving for an early operation which will contribute to the economic development of high-tech zone, and even to Huizhou City.

Also at the conference, deputy Mayor Zhang ying presided over an on-site office meeting for the problems that KTC is confronting: land, power & water supply, and construction-applying and put forward some solutions to problems and offered some instructional opinions. The leaders of relevant departments participating in this conference expressed the willingness to provide support and help with the utmost effort and at the highest speed, endeavoring to promote the construction and operation of KTC Flat Panel Display project at an early date.

This conference showed the Huizhou government’s attention and support to KTC Flat Panel Display project, at the meanwhile, reflected the good relationship between the relevant departments of high-tech zone as well as Huizhou government and KTC. In the conference, KTC chairman Ling bin expressed his gratitude: we appreciate the concern of Deputy Mayor Zhang ying and leaders of all departments, and we has confidence in completing and developing Flat Panel Display project successfully and strive for making contribution to the economic development of Huizhou.