Canton Fair | Brilliant KTC strength demonstration
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2019-10-21 )

From October 15 to 19, the 126th Canton Fair was held as expected. It is referred to as a "wind vane" and a "barometer" of China's foreign trade. The fair covers an area of 1,185,000 square meters, with a total of 60,676 booths and 25,642 domestic and foreign exhibitors. Focusing on the objectives of "promoting the steady improvement of foreign trade, propelling the diversification of export markets and optimizing the layout of the international market", the exhibition adheres to the concept of investment promotion, which includes "innovation, professionalism, precision and elaboration", and highlights the key pavilions and target markets represented by countries along the Belt and Road, so as to carry out global marketing promotion accurately.

KTC is invited to participate in the fair, bringing 120-inch giant TV, 65-inch / 55-inch OLED ultra-thin TV, 65-inch 8K QLED TV and many other new futuristic tech products to make an impressive appearance for purchasers from 210 countries and regions around the world.

Xu Bing, a spokesman for the fair and deputy director of China Foreign Trade Centre, said that in the new era, the fair has entered a new stage of high-quality development. Since this year, the state has introduced a series of policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade in a timely manner, made every effort to create a legal, international and convenient business environment, and invigorated all market entities. As a result, China's foreign trade has shown a good momentum of stable improvement. However, it is necessary to notice that the current global economic growth is slowing down, trade protectionism continues to heat up, the multilateral trade system is facing great challenges, and the environment for China's foreign trade development is becoming more complex and grim.

KTC actively responds to national policies, constantly improves its own strength, turns pressure into power, gives full play to all sources of innovation and creativity, drives innovations of products, markets, resource allocation and organizations through technological innovation, constantly absorbs and develops new technologies, improves market competitiveness, follows the trend of the times, arranges development framework, and creates cutting-edge products, to usher in intelligent future.

As the largest trade promotion platform in China, the Canton Fair brings together many internationally renowned benchmarking enterprises and global industrial clusters, actively implements the Belt and Road Initiative and promotes economic and trade cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road. In consequence, it has become an important platform for trade between China and the countries along the Belt and Road. The proportion of purchasers from the countries along the Belt and Road participating in each session reaches 45% and is on the rise; more than 8,000 enterprises from countries and regions along the Belt and Road have participated in the exhibition, making it the largest group of exhibitors in the import exhibition.

At the fair, the enthusiastic and hard-working partners, always in the most dedicated spirit, provide the most professional services and build a bridge between KTC and customers. They serve as sincere listeners who grow up intelligently through brainstorming. In four days, KTC products' elegant exterior design, excellent quality service and professional explanation and presentation leave a deep impression on overseas merchants. KTC gains a lot both in reputation and performance in the Canton Fair.

With the continuous development of "made in China" towards high quality, China's foreign trade enterprises are increasingly capable of coping with the challenges of the international market, which shows China's foreign trade development remains strong and resilient. KTC will shoulder a new historic mission, produce products with science and technology, praise life with products, actively build itself into a world-class intelligent manufacturer of display products, provide better services for enterprises at home and abroad, and make new and greater contributions to promoting the development of China's open economy and open world economy.