KTC Re-won “Shenzhen Quality-Assurance Enterprise”
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2019-04-29 )

On April 28 afternoon, the 2019 Shenzhen Quality Promotion Conference, guided by the Shenzhen Quality Promotion Leadership Office, and sponsored by the Shenzhen Quality Promotion Association, was held at the civic center. The deputy mayor Huang Min, and related municipal departmental heads, attended the meeting. At this meeting, the outstanding enterprises in terms of quality, integrity, brand and performance were announced and awarded, and KTC was honored the title of “Shenzhen Quality Enterprise”.

The “Shenzhen Quality Enterprise” is awarded to the outstanding companies that stand out in the strict screening process of qualification investigation, material review, on-site inspection, evaluation committee’s review, and social publicity by the Shenzhen Quality Promotion Association. It aims to set an example of excellent company, to encourage enterprises to strive for the "Shenzhen Standard", and to promote the overall quality level of Shenzhen enterprises.

This is the second time KTC won the “Shenzhen Quality Enterprise”, following the first one in 2013. It marks a breakthrough in our pursuit of quality products and leading brand. In the future, KTC will continue its unwavering effort toward high quality and contribute to the process of “Shenzhen Quality”.

KTC Re-won “Shenzhen Quality-Assurance Enterprise”