Chase a new dream in season of youth – 2018 KTC newcomers boarding
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2018-07-09 )

In this hot July, KTC saw the arrival of a group of new graduates. These passionate and vibrant newcomers will no doubt help bring fresh momentum in years ahead. To help them adapt to the big family, the company held the Welcome Meeting 2018.

The HR department arranged considerate training by professional trainers and exciting activities to help them get an all-around understanding of the company and get ready for the new journey. In the welcome meeting,the CEO and general manager and many other leaders extended warm welcome, introduced our company and our vision, inspired the morale and encouraged these new members to integrate into this big family. Also, they hoped that these new members set an ambitious goal and developed themselves by working hard and learning from others, and that they would become the company’s backbones and contribute to its success.

The new members are the new strength, the reserve force for our sustainable development, and the seeds to shape and spread our enterprise spirit. KTC provides extensive training programs to help them go as fast and steadily as expected. We believe they will, through relentless efforts and growth, help forge a more brilliant KTC.

Chase a new dream in season of youth – 2018 KTC newcomers boarding