KTC at Canton Fair with eye-catching smart TV products
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2018-04-23 )

Recently, the 123th Canton Fair was opened at Guangzhou Pazhou Pavilion, and attracted over 600 enterprises both at home and abroad from over 40 countries. KTC actively attended this trade show epitomizing China’s foreign trade.

Canton Fair is an international trade show featuring the longest history, highest level, largest scale, most abundant variety of commodities and the largest purchaser attendance. As an all-around opening platform of China, it provides a golden opportunity for all attendees to reach global customers. KTC also took this opportunity to strengthen its trade contacts with domestic and international partners.

In this fair, KTC exhibited its smart TV products like A5, A6 and OLED series, characterized by artisanal design, high quality, and user-friendly features.

KTC’s smart TV products received warm welcome among domestic and foreign customers due to its relentless pursuit of technology, process, appearance and design. The unique design, ultrathin screen, ultra-narrow frame of these products, and in particular, the frameless OLED series and the theatre-level experience they provide, attracted numerous attendees in the fair.

KTC team demonstrated large project cases and its new technology in R&D and production -- an audio-visual feast of smart TV products and technology innovation.

Looking ahead, KTC will dedicate itself to leading the smart TV industry by strengthening product specialization, individualization and differentiation, enhancing quality services and integrating more user-friendly features and technology into our products.