KTC was Awarded 2012 Shenzhen Harmonious Labor Relation Advanced Company
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2012-08-22 )
         Recently, KTC received the title of “Shenzhen Harmonious Labor Relation Advanced Company”, which was granted by Shenzhen labor relation coordination commission. Granting this title is a full approval on KTC’s performance on obeying laws and regulations, safeguarding on company&employee’s rights and obligations, and constructing a harmonious and stable labor relationship.
         It is reported that the appraisement of “Shenzhen Harmonious Labor Relation Advanced Company” is a measure of implementing scientific development perspective, strengthening humanistic concern, and constructing harmonious labor relationship. Candidates of this appraisement are recommended by district labor relation coordinate commission, reviewed and publicly displayed by Shenzhen labor relation coordinate commission and finally approved by Shenzhen labor relation coordinate commission. And honor these units for their excellent performance on obeying laws and regulations, caring employees, innovating company culture, and harmonious labor relation.
         Over the years, KTC abides by Labor Law, Labor Contract Law and other relevant laws and regulations. KTC adheres to scientific management, attaches importance to safe production, establishes trade union organization, and fulfills social responsibilities, which promotes the harmonious development of labor relationship and guarantees smooth development of KTC. We will keep on intensifying humanistic concern to employees, advancing the progress of harmonious labor relationship, and enhancing sense of company culture identity and employee’s sense of happiness. KTC will make a contribution to constructing a harmonious society.