KTC Medical Solutions Accredited National High-tech Enterprise
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2017-12-25 )

After strict reviews and screenings in accordance with the Administration Regulations for Accreditation of High-tech Enterprises, Guide to Administration of Accreditation of High-tech Enterprises and Administrative Rules for High-tech Enterprises newly released in 2016, KTC Medical Solutions Co., Ltd. is accredited as a “National High-tech Enterprise” by the Technical Innovation Commission of Shenzhen, Finance Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, National Tax Bureau of Shenzhen, Local Tax Bureau of Shenzhen.

The “National High-tech Enterprise”, the highest honor for high-tech enterprises in China, is noted for its rigorous requirements and accreditation procedure, including an overall assessment on intellectual properties, input of research and development, construction of R&D teams, revenue from high-tech products, organizational management capacity and growth potential.

The accreditation as “National High-tech Enterprise” is a recognition of KTC’s operational performance, scientific innovation achievements and R&D strength in recent years, and a proof of KTC’s capability to carry out research and development, commercialize technical fruits and form core independent intellectual properties. Encouraged by this, KTC will continue to increase input of scientific research in long-term development.

KTC Medical Solutions Accredited National High-tech Enterprise