KTC Awarded Top 10 Color TV Exporter of China in 2017
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2017-12-25 )

On December 21, the “5th Summit Forum on Internationalization of Chinese Electronics and Household Appliance Enterprises” in Cixi City of Zhejiang Province opened, and was attended by Sun Zhonghe, Deputy Director of the Policy Research Office of the Ministry of Commerce, Zhang Yujing, President of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, and experts from different areas and fields and representatives of electronics and household appliance enterprises including KTC. The forum witnessed the release of top 100 Chinese electronics and household appliance exporters, and KTC was awarded “Top 10 Color TV Exporter of China in 2017”.

The event, themed “New Era, New Start, New Practice”, aimed at promoting the dialogue on the new environment of international economy and trade, the new start for the globalization of Chinese enterprises and the new internationalization pattern of the industry. Thoughts and insights of the experts and enterprise representatives inspired the development of the foreign trade and globalization of electronics and household appliance industries.

According to the Report on the Situation of Foreign Trade of China (the autumn of 2017) released by the Ministry of Commerce, the export of household appliances had picked up in 2017. From January to October of 2017, the export amount of household appliances of China was 56.46 billion US dollars, a 8.7% increase from the same period of last year.

With an in-depth analysis of the market demands at this new stage of globalization, KTC grasps the opportunities from the new pattern of global economy and trade to enhance its core competitiveness, domestic and abroad, by accelerating the product renewal and innovation and upgrade of technologies, developing international clients and strengthening win-win cooperation with well-known international brands.

The honor, “Top 10 Color TV Exporter of China in 2017”, is a sign of recognition of KTC’s efforts in domestic and foreign markets, and also an encouragement to KTC for new breakthroughs and innovations.

KTC Awarded Top 10 Color TV Exporter of China in 2017

KTC Awarded Top 10 Color TV Exporter of China in 2017