Ranking of KTC Raised among 2017 Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in Manufacturing Industry
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2017-09-26 )

Recently, all China Federation of Industry and Commerce convened "2017 Top 500 China Private Enterprises Release Conference and Private Economy Development Summit" in Jinan City. The lists of "China Top 500 Private Enterprises", "China Top 500 Private Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry" and "China Top 100 Private Enterprise in Service Industry" were released on such conference. KTC ranked 427 among "China Top 500 Private Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry" improving 46 over the previous year. It is reported that there are totally 52 enterprise of Guangdong Province listed in Top 500 enterprise in manufacturing industry of this year.

With "Practicing new development concept, pushing forward new driving force in developing transformation" as theme, this release exhibited our country's great achievement on private economy in 2016, promoted positive roles of large private enterprise in development of national economy, shared successful development experience of private enterprise and intensively promoted entrepreneurship in order to lead vast private enterprise to practice the new development concept and grow healthily.

Wang Qinmin, ACFIC chairman and CPPCC vice chairman made an address on the conference. He pointed out that the vast private enterprise realized substantial promotion of integral scale, steady improvement of quality and benefit and continuous optimization of industrial structure by actively performing technical innovation and constantly strengthening brand.

Lists of "China Top 500 Private Enterprise" are made on the basis of ACFIC's survey to large scale private enterprise. Having been carried out for 19 years, this survey has become the most authoritative and the most comprehensive list in Chinese private economy field as well as a golden standard for Chinese private enterprise to build brand and evaluate performance.In "Release Report of 2017 China Top 500 Private Enterprise", Huang Rong, ACFIC vice chairman introduced that: the entry threshold for 2016 top 500 private enterprise was RMB 12.052 billion increasing RMB 1.877 billion; the entry threshold for top 100 private enterprise in service industry was RMB 15.037 billion increasing RMB 2.6 billion; and the entry threshold for top 500 private enterprise in manufacturing industry was RMB 5.355 billion increasing RMB 835 million.

It is not only a kind of affirmation for steady and healthy growth of KTC, but also a highly recognition to the level of comprehensive strength and competitiveness that KTC stands out among a great many of pioneering enterprise. In the days to come, KTC will continuously deepen innovation driving and push forward industrial innovation, transformation and upgrade; adjust scientific and technical R&D strategies in line with market demands; insist on differential customized service and start new sales growth situation; implement the development strategy of giving priority to talents for maximizing the enterprise’s vitality; carry forward craftsman spirit and create a spiritual basis for growth of the enterprise.

It is both an affirmation and a kind of urge to KTC that we are listed in "China Top 500 Enterprise in Manufacture Industry" again. We are proud of this and we'll continuously endeavor and steadily grow in subsequent development and make contribution to soar on China's private economy!