KTC Huizhou Won Honorary Title of “Leading Team of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017” of Zhongkai High-tech Zone
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2017-09-13 )

On September 12, the 2016-2017 annual talent and technology work meeting of Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone was convened in the conference hall of Fitech Building, which was attended by leaders such as Yang Pengfei, secretary of the Zhongkai High-tech Zone committee of the CPC, and Zhang Lilan, the deputy secretary of the Zhongkai High-tech Zone committee of the CPC and the director of the administration committee of the zone. The R&D team of KTC Huizhou for high-flux module of display terminal won the honorary title of “Leading Team of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017”. Huang Liang and He Guo, two employees of KTC were granted with the titles of “Excellent Technician” and “Excellent New Graduate of Current Year” respectively.

As secretary Yang Pengfei said, talents and technologies, as the foundation of innovation, brings confidence and future for the innovative development of Zhongkai High-tech Zone. With an aim to build the first-class environment of innovation and entrepreneurship in China for talents, Zhongkai High-tech Zone has been deeply implementing a development strategy giving priority to talents, actively undertaking and absorbing quality resources and “overflowing” talents from home and abroad, striving to build a green and modern scenic city, focusing on the upgrade model of talents, environment and mechanism, and providing strong intellectual and talent support to Zhongkai District.

The industrial development direction of KTC Huizhou keeps aligned with the “4+2” industrial system and new “4+1” strategic emerging industry system of Zhongkai High-tech Zone. Its research and development capacity has enhanced the technology content and additional values of products to a high extent, which make the products meet the mainstream demands of the public and make its marketing capacity take the lead and finally make it stand out from the excellent R&D teams of the whole zone.

Winning the honor is a great recognition of KTC Huizhou’s technical innovation capacity and cultivation of high-quality talents. All the time, the company has always insisted on building, training and development of high-level and skillful talents. It has spared no efforts in absorbing and cultivating excellent talents and kept perfecting its talent promotion and welfare systems. It has extensively absorbed excellent graduates from colleges and universities and cultivated a large batch of reserve talents that are well-adapted to the trend of the times.

In the future, KTC will continue to devote itself to the areas such as R&D investment, technical innovation, application of achievements and talents introduction, create an atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, perfect its talents cultivation system, provide development space for the employees, and encourage technicians and technical teams to concentrate on researches, assume responsibilities, make innovations, make progress with the enterprise and create more values for the society.