KTC Claimed the “China’s Top-100 Electronic Information Technology Enterprises”Title for 8th Consecutive Year
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2017-07-25 )

On July 21,the release meeting of China’s Top-100 Electronic Information Technology Enterprises and Smart Terminal Industry Forum was held in Zunyi City of Guizhou Province. KTC Group is on the list,rising 13 ranks compared with last year,further consolidating its leading role in China electronic information industry.

It is well known that,the election of 2017 China’s Top-100 Electronic Information Technology Enterprises is hosted by China's electronic information industry federation,under the guide of the Ministry of National Industry and Information Technology. Based on annual data of 2016 Electronic Information industry, comprehensive index evaluations includes major business income,market share,technology innovation,brand influence,company’s society duty. By now, this event has been held successfully for 31 times.

During this meeting,Zhou Zixue,vice-chairman of China Electric Information Industry Federation and secretary general said that facing with complicated economic environment in home and abroad,our newly top-100 enterprises stick on carrying out related strategic deployment released by our country,maintaining climbing trend in the whole development,playing a positive and driving role for the whole industry transformation and upgrading.

One of good samples,KTC,won the“China’s Top-100 Electronic Information Technology Enterprises”title for eight consecutive year. As hi-tech manufacturer dedicated to flat panel display terminal products,KTC always sticks on technology innovation,improving quality and building good social effect and influence.

KTC is one of the first companies dedicated to the display terminal products in China.At present,KTC totally has 10 light bar production lines,8 main board production lines,5 power board production lines,12 SMT production lines,13 LCM module production lines,2 monitor production lines,12 TV/Monitor assembly lines,2 assembly lines for commercial display product,with an annual finish product production capacity of more than 12 million units. 

Top-100 enterprises are models in the industry,as well as explorers in the area of industry innovation and transformation and upgrading,core strength in economic development. In the background of fast-growing electronic information industry and higher level shortlisted standard for top 100 enterprises,KTC has always maintained the leading position in the industry by deepening innovation,speeding up core technology breakthrough,broadening customized service and enterprise’s scale,with increasing independence R&D capacity,improved product structure.

In the future,KTC will work harder and make a contribution to develop electronic information and Chinese enterprises’ transformation and upgrading.