2017 KTC The 3rd “Horion Cup” Table Tennis Match Successfully Ended
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2017-05-22 )

On May 20, 2017 KTC the 3rd “Horion Cup”Table Tennis Match successfully ended in KTC Bantian factory. This table tennis match aims to enrich staffs’ spare-time life,enhance their cohesion and friendship further and consolidate their physical body,building a confident,positive and vigor enterprise atmosphere.


The match is consisted of three items,men’s singles, women’s singles and men’s doubles. Adopting "best of three games" system to complete elimination and promotions in each division until group champion, first runner-up and second runner-up of each item settled down.After several fierce competitions,Li Chuangye from R&D Department won the men’s singles champion,Chen Haolin from Machine Production Department I and Liao Yiyong from Commercial Technology came into the second and third. Huang Wenxiu from Commercial Technology won the women’s singles champion,Yao Jingmei from HR Department took second place and Zhao Xin from Commercial Technology came into the third. Double match fully embodied contestants’ cooperation ability. After fierce competition, Chen Hanlin and Huang Huimian finally won the doubles champion. Li Chuangye and Ou Zhengwei took the second place and Xiao Guoqin and Kang Tao came into the third.

Players cooperate with each other and tried their best to bring a brilliant match for us. KTC the 3rd Table Tennis successfully concluded,but KTC employees’ active,enterprising and cooperative spirit never end up.


2017 KTC The 3rd “Horion Cup” Table Tennis Match Successfully Ended