2017 KTC China Educational Equipment Exhibition Highlights Never Stop
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From May 7th to 9th, the 72nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition, sponsored by the China Educational equipment Industry Association, undertaken by the Education Department of Fujian Province, and supported by the educational equipment industry associations of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, was held in the Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center of Fuzhou.


The exhibition are crowded with bustling people, educators, students and parents inside and outside of the region to feel the cutting-edge technology of the domestic educational equipment industry. The exhibition of this year made "display, exchange, cooperation and development" its theme, fully displaying products like teaching instruments and equipment, teaching software, digital experiment systems, information technology products, safe campus equipment and products from enterprise run by school that are needed by education of all kinds and in all levels.


2017 KTC China Educational Equipment Exhibition  Highlights Never Stop


During the exhibition, the Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center was crowded in every hall. New achievements, new technologies and new products of educational equipment like smart education cloud platform, smart campus and smart classrooms attracted widespread attention, the charm of education informatization was amazing.


2017 KTC China Educational Equipment Exhibition  Highlights Never Stop


On this exhibition, the booth of our company was decorated delicately and elegantly, simple and clean as the consistent style of ktc, its modernity attracted many visitors to stop and have a careful look. The purple "KTC" LOGO can be seen high on a white wall, which was very elegant. The products of our company were displayed well-proportioned with a good contrast, representing the style of a generous company very well. 


2017 KTC China Educational Equipment Exhibition  Highlights Never Stop


The new and old customers from all corners of the world were attracted by our new products. They came from crowds to us and gathered in our generous booth, their eyes were full of curiosity and shock.


The staff of our company have made adequate preparations for the exhibition. They carefully arranged and placed each product, and maintained a positive, enthusiastic and vigorous working attitude all the time.


2017 KTC China Educational Equipment Exhibition  Highlights Never Stop


For this exhibition, our company has brought brand new yet classic products to the booth for a brilliant debut, like W11, E88, E89 and E91 Series LCD electronic whiteboard, and 55 inch 1.8mm LG seamless screen with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees which can bring you ultimate visual experience. They all caused a big sensation.


The brand new W11 series products are a multimedia teaching demonstration and conference interactive operation platform of our company that has a brand new appearance and integrates functions like TV, computer, network and audio in one. This product uses a touch frame exclusively produced by KTC, adopts true 10-point infrared touch technology. The whole product integrates high-techs, practicality and beautiful appearance in one, not only achieves the conversion of the real world and the dream world, but also meets the pursuit of beauty of customers.


Our company has recently launched an interactive electronic whiteboard using reflective infrared touch frame. It supports high-accuracy 10-point touch, highlighting the interactive control ability of human and computer better. 


Combining functions like wireless projection and touch control in one, wireless link & transmission screen can realize the interconnection of large screen and computer, and the transmission speed will be faster together with a 5G hotspot. It also supports bidirectional operation on the same screen to realize the reverse operation of the computer on the conference platform, providing real convenience for users and making conferences and teaching more efficient.


These types of products are very popular with the customers.


2017 KTC China Educational Equipment Exhibition  Highlights Never Stop

Customers are eager to consult our staff of about the related products.

2017 KTC China Educational Equipment Exhibition  Highlights Never Stop

Our Staff are carefully introducing the products to customers.


The 72nd China Educational equipment Exhibition in 2017 came to a successful end. As one of the best professional manufacturers of commercial display products, our company has made a perfect performance in the exhibition. This is not only the achievement and pride of every employee of our company, but also an important milepost in the development of our company in the industry!