2011 New Hot Spot—KTC Intelligent Network TV to be Rolled o
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2011-08-17 )

    The afterheat of 3D TV has not ebbed yet, a new hotspot fires up — intelligent network TV.

What is intelligent TV? In short, it’s a TV with a network and operation system, which is able to surf the internet, download and install apps. Just like smart phones, intelligent TV is equipped with an operation system with which users can install and uninstall software and games and other apps provided by third-party service providers. These apps can constantly expand the functions of the TV, thus enable the TV to load limitless contents and apps, and to be on-line to surf the internet. Intelligent TV has made users began to play the TV rather than just watching it, which is a fundamental change.

    Compared with traditional TVs, intelligent network TV has so much more functions and advantages. And it will definitely become more and more popular with customers, no matter in what predicaments. Under the background of meeting the customers’ needs for entertainment, it seems that intelligent network TV has got a pair of wings to soar. It’s the future development trend of TVs. Traditional TVs are going through a revolution. We’re convinced that intelligent TV will become another success after smart phone. Besides, it will further solidify the status of flat panel TV as the home entertainment center.

    As a professional manufacturer of flat panel display terminals, KTC certainly will not fall behind or miss such a great opportunity. It has devoted a lot of manpower and material resources into the research and development of intelligent network TV. It has developed samples of intelligent network TV, which has been tested in all aspects including function, performance, reliability and adaptability. It’s expected to roll out different series of TV models into the market in the coming months. At that time, the products in mass production will cover LED of 32-inch or above, applicable to all series of TV models produced by KTC.

   The first batch of intelligent network TV rolled out by KTC is of the following features: 1. technically mature. Dual-chip technology is adopted to deal with the function of network and TV, with a mature and stable scheme; 2. Equipped with Android operation system and Google chrome browser which supports full-web browsing, webpage video playing, online shopping, weather forecast checking, news browsing, chatting, micro-blog and third-party apps downloading and installing; 3. With RJ-45 network interface which can directly connect to cable internet; besides, it’s also equipped with WIFI function, which can realize wireless network and internet connection; 4. Supporting bluetooth, which enables data transmission through external equipments like mobile phones and digital cameras with bluetooth function; 5. Users can operate all the functions of intelligent network TV by a remote controller. Besides, external mouse and keyboard with USB port are available even without any device driver, which made it swift and convenient to operate.

   At present, the industrial standards for intelligent network TV has not been stipulated yet. During this process, we will certainly meet some resistance. However, as long as we keep innovating and progressing, we will surely blaze a new trail. The high-definition video effect, intelligent operation and rich network resource will bring you incomparable experience. Coming soon!