KTC Commercial Technology Passed National Hi-tech Enterprises Recognition
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2017-01-19 )

According to national related stipulation of The management method for hi-tech enterprises recognition,Management guidance for hi-tech enterprises recognition,relying on solid R&D ability and innovation ability,KTC passed strict inspection and was recognized as “National Hi-tech Enterprise”by Shenzhen science and technology innovation committee, Shenzhen finance committee, Shenzhen national tax bureau and Shenzhen local taxation bureau,which symbolizes that KTC commercial technology steps into national hi-tech technology enterprise team.


“National Hi-tech Enterprise” is the highest level qualification certification for hi-tech technology enterprise. Winning this honor reflects and recognizes KTC commercial technical R&D ability, product core competitiveness, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements,symbolizing KTC R&D and innovation ability reaching a new stage. This honor also plays a positive role in promoting KTC brand,improving market competitiveness, etc.


KTC commercial science and technology focuses on customer demand,taking scientific and technological innovation as the force,grandly launch E91 series LCD electronic whiteboard,which gathered "fashion appearance, high performance, high-tech, high configuration" in one; Cooperating with international top grade brands,KTC won 2016 best ODM supplier for LCD commercial display device.


KTC commercial technology will take this opportunity to continue increasing investment in scientific research,further strengthening scientific and technological innovation ability and the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly improving enterprise core competitiveness,providing strong support for enterprise's sustained, stable and rapid development,committing to become the world's top commercial display products professional manufacturers!


KTC Commercial Technology Passed National  Hi-tech Enterprises Recognition