KTC Group Interesting Sport Meeting Successfully Ended in Bantian Factory
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-10-31 )

In order to enrich migrant workers amateur life, strengthen workers' physical exercise, promote the development of mass cultural activities,Shenzhen Longgang district sport tourism office sponsored "2016 Longgang district caring migrant workers interesting sport meeting and Shenzhen KTC technology group special interesting sport meeting",and successfully ended in our Bantian factory.


On October 29, 2016 KTC Group Fall interesting sport meeting grandly held in our Bantian factory. The chairman of trade union and general manager delivered a speech on the opening ceremony. He expressed his heartfelt thanks and regards to attended leaders, staff and players.


12 teams participated in this interesting sport meeting. Activity events include all-people participation;national physical health test; inflatable castles;carnival the most popular with children; "Run, KTC", "New triathlon", "Almost nine-tenths certain", "Double dragon playing ball", "Dream set sail" five games. On-site game fulls of fun and each team get ready to fight for the team,and fight for honor. The cheering,shouting and laughter filled the whole Bantian factory. Eventually,Commercial technology team won the championship with overwhelming advantage.


This interesting sport meeting enriches our staff amateur life,makes colleagues friendship closer,improves team cooperation spirit and physical exercise consciousness. Our employees will be more confidence,stronger body, more enthusiasm, more pragmatic style to compose a new chapter of the company development!