Meet on the Bijia Mountain, Run for Love
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-10-24 )

On October 23,more than 40 employees from our company gathered in Shenzhen Bijia Mountain park for participating in 2016 "Run for Love" public welfare activities launched by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Each kilometer they runed is for a good health, every step is for love,helping strabismus children to completed corrective surgery!


This "Run for Love“ activity held in Bijia Mountain park with beautiful scenery and fresh air. It could even be said that a trip of deeply breathing oxygen. The East gate dance hall in Bijia Mountain park is the starting and ending point,run a circle around the Bijia mountain,a total of 5 km. In addition,there are different game tasks setted along the runway. Only after finished tasks,can participants get seal and pass.This activity, our company staff actively took part in the game. Some of them took a lead,some played in a group. They sometimes stop to enjoy the scenery, and sometimes took photos and encouraged each other to go ahead. They reached the destination smoothly with laughter along the way. They harvested not only the medals and souvenirs,but also a love and the precious memory of common participation, support each other.


This run activity is all about "love". Taking care of strabismus children is the whole society responsibility; This "Heart" journey make us relax body and mind, enhance colleagues friendship. Run for love ,KTC group has been on the road!