Professional Services Create Affection --KTC won the honor of Guangdong Province Top 100 private enterprises
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-09-26 )

In 2016 Guangdong province Top 100 private enterprises selection launched by Guangdong Province Federation of industry and commerce,our company made the list,relied on comprehensive strength. Among them, the quantity of Shenzhen enterprises entering the "top 100" list is 35,which is in the majority.


Data show that Guangdong private economy completed 3.8846 trillion added value,which occupies 53.4% of the whole province. Under the economic development "new normal",Guangdong private became the important guaranty for maintaining Guangdong stable economic growth,optimizing the industrial structure, expanding domestic demand. Guangdong private economy also is the important engine for economic structure adjustment and innovation driver. The proportion of private economy in all industries has constantly optimized, including the proportion of modern service industry is rising.2015 Guangdong private economy in the first, second and third industry respectively completed the added value of 328.795 billion Yuan, 1.586228 trillion Yuan, 1.969601 trillion Yuan, accounted for 8.5:40.8:50.7. Compared with 2014,the proportion of the third industry rise 6% considerably,which significantly faster than the whole province third industry proportion 1.8%. Private economy continue to develop toward the direction of high level.


Innovation-driven development strategy is the core strategy of the Guangdong development and total guider. Enterprises should energetically implement technology innovation, product innovation, management innovation, and speed up forming new enterprise development mode guiding by innovation,and improve enterprise core competitiveness. That is an opportunity as well as a challenge.


In recent years, facing the rapid development of economy, new situation and new challenges brought by industry situation change, our company always adheres to "Quality is root, Sincere service" business philosophy, constantly strengthens research and development,sticks to the innovation and development, enhances the comprehensive strength, and lifts the scale, efficiency, innovation and social responsibility in all-round way.


KTC group focus on "Professional services, Create affection",and aims to create superior quality products, sincerely give back to society!