Thanksgiving KTC, Badminton Competition
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2011-07-06 )

    Now, the special badminton gym invested and built by our company in April of this year has been put into use officially. Sine there are more and more employees who are fond of playing badminton, in order to provide them with a more professional exercise space to enrich their after-work life, enhance their enthusiasm in doing sports and improving their fitness, our company has invested a lot of money to build the professional badminton gym which covers nearly 700 square meters, equipped with four badminton courts as well as supporting facilities like restroom, dressing room, resting lounge and supplies room (badminton rackets and different drinks and snacks are available for rent and sale).

    Since its completion, the badminton gym has been well-received among the employees. To express thanks to the company and the full support for the badminton gym by the company leaders, as well as enrich the after-work life and cultivate the teamwork spirit of employees, the first “Thanksgiving KTC Badminton Group Competition” is launched on July 4th. Five items are set in this competition, including Men’s Single, Women’s Single, Men’s Double, Women’s Double and Mixed Doubles. At present, a total of 20 teams have signed for this competition.

   These years, while speeding up the development of its economic effect, KTC has been engaged in improving the welfare of the employees. Through different measures like constant upgrade of hardware facilities and lifting of employees’ payment, KTC is to let the employees share the fruits of its development and also let them deeply understand the efforts of the company, thereby enhancing the working enthusiasm of employees.