KTC Group the fourth "Innovation Cup" Badminton Match Was Successfully Ended
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-08-29 )

On August 27, 2016 KTC the fourth "Innovation Cup" badminton match was successfully ended in our BnaTian factory badminton hall. The badminton match aims at enriching the spare time of our staff,  enhancing friendship between our staff and strengthening staff cohesion. At the same time, it helps to build a confident and positive enterprise atmosphere.


There are four items on this badminton match,that is men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles. We adopted best of three sets regulation to complete elimination and promotions in each department,and finally decide champion, first runner-up and second runner-up for each item. After several intense rivalry and competition,Li Zhengqiang from Marketing Department,finally won the men's singles champion,and Tian Peng from Commercial Technology took second place and Huang Yongbing from HuiNan factory came into the third; Zhao Ru from Marketing Department won the the women’s singles champion and Liu Feng from Business Department took second place and Zhang Hua from Marketing Department came into the third.Doubles match fully embodies players' implicit cooperation. After fierce competition,He Yubin and Lin Zhifeng finally won the doubles champion. Pan Song and Yang Wu took the second place, and Yao Xinwen and Xie Donghong came into the third; In mixed doubles, Zhou Chuntao and Shu Min won the champion, Yang JingJing and Li Yawei took the second place, and Deng Xiaochun and Yu Jinghua came into the third.


On this badminton match,the players stick to the principle of "friendship first, competition second", who not only show their personal technology and competition style, but also embody their good physical quality and cooperation charm. This badminton ended successfully,but our staff spirit of proactive, tenacious struggle, unity and cooperation is continuing !


KTC Group the fourth Innovation Cup Badminton Match Was Successfully Ended