District Committee Secretary Yang Pengfei,visit KTC Huinan plant
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-07-01 )

On June 29,District Committee Secretary Yang Pengfei led a team to our Huinan factory for investigation, and held a "Enterprise Service Month" panel. This research aims to understand the production and operation of an enterprise and the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of development, so as to seek effective methods of enterprise service, to create a good external environment for enterprise development.


On that day morning,Secretary Yang and other leaders visited Huinan factory accompanied by our chairman. At the symposium,Ling Bin,the chairman of KTC,made a report of our current production situation and future development planning, and pointed out the difficulties we are facing. For the questions we raised, the relevant departments responsible person of district party has carried on the response. At the same time, Secretary Yang fully affirmed our company's plan of building the party branch in Hui Nan, calling for the party members in our company to participate in learning actively and play an exemplary role. At the symposium,Secretary Yang Pengfei stressed that we should continue to regard enterprise service as our purpose,strive to docking with policy and talents,promote enterprise walk toward innovation and transformation and upgrading path; At the same time, Secretary Yang also pointed out that they will continue to improve public infrastructure in the park,such as public transport,sanitation,and solve the problem of enrollment of employees' children by building new school buildings,so as to create a good external conditions for the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise.


Secretary Yang Pengfei gave a very high appraisal of the achievements in recent years and future plans, and hope that we continue to carry forward our own advantages to achieve greater development. Ling Bin chairman said under the guidance of the good policy in ZhongKai high-tech zone, our company surely can take the "free ride" of  transformation and upgrading of enterprises, strive to become a first-class enterprise in Huizhou and undertake social responsibilities actively,making contributions to promote Huizhou development.