KTC Held A Fire Drill in Summer
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-06-23 )

On June 22,we held a fire-drill activity among all staff in Bantian factory under the organization and arrangement of security group. We had a explanation on application operation of fire equipment and the propaganda of fire protection knowledge,which let our staff know how to prevent and fight a fire.


Fire easily happen in summer for its dry weather,so it is right time to have a fire protection knowledge training among employees.For an enterprise,the importance of fire protection is self-evident. Every the loss of property and casualty is countless in the fire. Once happened,it is significant damage to the enterprise. Fire protection is not only enterprise matter, but also a matter closely related to each employee. Most of the time,a few small negligence can lead to unpredictable consequences,so we need all employees grasp the basic knowledge of fire protection to avoid the potential danger in daily work and life.


Everybody has responsible to emphasize fire protection. Here we also call for everyone pay attention to fire prevention and dry prevention. Only in this way can we protect our KTC homeland!


Attachment: fire sense "one smooth", "three able ", "three understanding" and "four abilities"


One smooth:keep exit unblocked, escape route


Three able: be able to put out inchoative fire,be able to call the police,be able to escape and self rescue


Three understanding: understand the fire risk in this place, understand the fire fighting method, understand the fire prevention measures;


Four abilities: Check the ability of eliminating fire hazards, strengthen the ability of putting out early fire, strengthen the education training ability of fire control propaganda.