Our Company Party Branch Carried out "Two learn,One Do" Learning Activities
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-06-03 )

In 2016, The Party Central Committee decided to carry out the learning education work "learn the party constitution and series of speeches, be a qualified party member"among all party members. In the afternoon of June 3rd,our party branch actively responded to carrying out "learn the party constitution and series of speeches" activities.


Through this learning activities,our members said that they learned a lot of experiences and thoughts from the activities.the basis of "Two learn and one do" activity is study, lieing in studying each sentence of the party constitution. Our party branch make us deeply understand the party's platform, the party's tenet and party members obligations once again by learning and communication,so that letting the party constitution guide our behavior.In our work and life, our party members must adhere to abide by the party constitution and maintain the party constitution,correcting their ideal and faith all the time,regulating their own thoughts and behavior by the content of party constitution content.At the same time, we should drive and encourage comrades around us by our practical action to maintain and promote the Party members in our company to play exemplary and vanguard role, promoting our  company healthy and orderly development.


Our Company Party Branch Carried out 'Two learn,One Do' Learning Activities