Huang Yanxing-Huizhou Municipal Deputy Secretary Visited Our HuiNan factory for Research
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-06-02 )

On June 2nd,Huang Yanxing ,Huizhou Municipal Deputy Secretary and Propaganda Minister, visited our factory in Huinan with his team for research and held the "Enterprise Service Month" panel. This research aims to understand the enterprise situation in production and operation as well as problems in the development process,to seek effective service ways and to build a good development environment for the enterprise.


On that day morning,our general manager accompanied with Mr.Huang,Deputy Secretary,and other leaders to visite showroom and workshop in Huinan factory. At the symposium,Ling Huizheng,General Manager,made a report about the current production situation, and also putted forward problems the enterprise is facing. For related problems we proposed,Municipal Party Committee and ZhongKai related department personnel responded and introduced the corresponding talent subsidy plan,reward policy of science and technology research and development, technical reformation tax incentives and so on.They said that they will solve the problem for the enterprise pointedly. On symposium,Huang Yanxing,Deputy Secretary,stressed again that we should support enterprise development with a strong sense of service,jointing well with policy and talents,promoting enterprise innovation and development and transformation and upgrading,strengthening publicity and increasing service support for culture, health, science and technology and classifying responsibility clearly,implementing standardized processes and building intelligent city.


Huang Yanxing,Deputy Secretary,gave the full affirmation on the stable development of our company in recent years and future planning,hoping that we can continue to make full use the advantage of the enterprise,to enhance strength and to walk along sustainable development. Ling HuiZheng,general manager,said that he believed our company can take advantage of policy guidance and adhere to the enterprise development under the good business environment in Huizhou,make an efforts to become the first-class enterprise in Huizhou and make a contribution to the society.