Rich Experience Brings About New Development-KTC 3D TV Embra
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2011-06-02 )

   2011 is called the first year of 3D TV in the industry. It’s the year when 3D TV has become technologically mature and wins certain market share in the consumption market. In 2011, more and more films, games and sports events are being produced or broadcast with 3D technology, the previous problem of program source which have limited the development of 3D TV has got solved gradually; besides, this year with more and more companies and factories entering the battle field of 3D TV, the price has been declining, the number of customers is increasing fast at the same time as the technology of 3D TV is improving. Under such a background, it’s not a surprise at all that 3D TV has undergone a violent development in 2011.

   In the visual wave aroused by 3D TV, as a professional supplier of flat display products, KTC is also not willing to lag behind others. As early as May and June of 2010, the leaders of our company has foreseen the promising future of 3D TV market and invested a lot of money to develop 3D TV. As of the beginning of 2011, KTC has finished the independent research and development of polarization 3D TV which is high in cost performance and adopts CCFL liquid crystal display, to join the 3D TV market formally. 3D TV produced by KTC is excellent in quality, with sizes 32, 37, 42, 47 inches, etc. to reflect our great strength to compete with other large manufacturers both at home and abroad.

   3D TV produced by KTC is of two main prominent features, one is mature technology which can bring a healthy and safe visual enjoyment to the customers. Technological highlights of KTC 3D TV are as follows,
   1. Adopting LG IPS hard screen, dynamic images are clean and stable. The viewing angle is large, suitable for watching by the entire family. The colors are precisely restoring the real scenes, thus bringing you a true visual enjoyment.
   2. Non-blink 3D featured with no blinking, no double image and not hurting the eyes. When watching the previous 3D TV, viewers would feel dizzy, tired or even sick, which is the result of double image and blinking. KTC 3D TV has solved the problems fundamentally to guarantee the eye health of customers.
   3. High brightness and high refresh rate make the images clearer and more vivid so that our customers can enjoy clear stereoscopic images in a bright screen, being a true 3D TV.

   The second prominent feature of KTC 3D TV is its high cost performance. The price is always a great limit on the popularization of 3D TV. According to the survey conducted in Japan by, a website operator dedicated to comparing price, among the group not willing to buy 3D TV, 57% are thinking that the price is too high. KTC 3D has changed the situation of unaffordable price so that even the common household can afford to buy 3D TV. No doubt, this will greatly shorten the time for 3D TV to become popular. Besides, the price of KTC 3D spectacles has also dropped from thousands of RMB to tens of RMB. So a family of three members can enjoy 3D TV just spending around a hundred RMB to buy the spectacles.

    Owning to the above features, KTC 3D TV has enjoyed great favor from the coming visitors at 2011 Summer Canton Fair and Hong Kong Electronics Fair. On the two fairs, a lot of professional clients are attracted by our 3D TV put on display, which has received great praise from them. It does not only indicate that the 3D TV produced by KTC has been extensively recognized in quality and technology, but also reflecting that KTC has been equipped with an outstanding strength in research, development and production of 3D TV.

    In the eyes of people in the industry, 3D TV is the next “gold mine” in the home appliance market. During the process of developing the gold, there will be a lot of difficulties and hardship. For KTC, although there are still a lot of technical difficulties to overcome, as long as we keep overcoming our short points and make use of our advantages, keep making progress during the process, we are sure to become strong and large in the trend of 3D TV. And finally in the coming years, we are aiming to take the lead in the industry of 3D TV.