Commendation of 2016 KTC Cultivator
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-05-09 )

In the time of International Labor Day, we highly commended senior employees serving the company more than 10 years and  awarded prizes and bonuses as a souvenir and encouragement.


“KTC Cultivator” is a special title for senior employees serving the company more than 10 years,which is a precious honor,because it concentrates ten years of passion and experience as well as represents striven times. Winners are the model for KTC staff and the witness of the development of KTC.


In KTC,they continue to inherit KTC spirit of struggle, innovation and pioneering by practical action in different positions. Since they never abandon KTC,KTC smoothly  went through tough entrepreneurship and instable growing up. They have been devoting themselves selflessly with professional attitude,who carefully built our family and maintained the healthy and continue development of KTC. Society and market are changeable,but they never change and have became the main stream of head-on and indestructible KTC though years of precipitation. Thanks again for their devotion. We also hope that they can stand at the new height to play the role of backbone of the senior employees and regard this reward as a new starting point to set sail again and make persistent efforts, walking toward the bright tomorrow of KTC.