Longgang District, Bureau of Human Resources Visited Our Staffs
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-02-26 )

January 21st, Longgang District, Bureau of Human Resources carried out the 2016, "Warm Spring" care activities, in the coldest of winter sent New Year's blessing and careness to our staffs whose life is in difficulty, and also send them 29 sets gifts.


The District Human Resources Bureau condolences team went to the  people, a joint venture to carry out care activities, in deepest winter of our difficulties workers sent a New Year's gift, at the same time, the Panel condolences at the forum to communicate with employees face to face, express their deep understanding to their family situation, working conditions, efforts to address in career direction, employment and other aspects of the difficulties the workers confused, and encourage everyone to overcome problems, and actively create and build a better life. District Bureau of Human Resources also said it would strengthen communication and business cooperation, to better carry out employment services.


Our party building as a key enterprise under the care of the party organization, our staff will work harder to carry forward the glorious flag, advancing toward a better tomorrow. Our union workers mutual funds in 2015, continued to shine, donors over the difficulties workers, our future will also adhere to mutual funds which play a public role in helping the poor.