We won 2015 urban industrial transformation and upgrading projects fund
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-01-04 )

December 2015, the Shenzhen Municipal Economic and Information Technology Committee on Trade and industrial transformation and upgrading of the 2015 annual financial advantage of special projects to be funded industrial upgrading project of the publicity on 10th, we finally recognized by government experts and the public, get the 2015 annual city industrial transformation and upgrading the integration of two special funds financed projects (Internet + manufacturing) and the 2015 annual financing proposed integration of the two projects (integration of the two projects above the provincial level award category) two findings.


With the government and enterprises focus improving for smart manufacturing and the "Internet +" concept of constant attention, integration of the two projects an increasingly important role in the development of industrial enterprises. We are on the road of information technology since 2002, and then set up the information management department, continue to increase investment in information technology. In the process of industrial upgrading in the introduction of intelligent technology and equipment, formed the automated production lines, the use of information management system to achieve the management for the whole supply chain, improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce costs and deepen the development of the integration.


We experience the development benefit of integration of the two projects, the future development will also adhere to the deep integration of the two projects to achieve further improve production efficiency, the rational use of both the advance of the integration has always been to "technology to improve life" corporate mission and contribute to the society.