KTC party activities center is completed
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2016-01-04 )

Recently, with the support of the Party committee, our party activities center is completed, the central with party activity room, counseling room, mediation room, to solve problems for staffs, in addition to the activities center is also equipped with a new gym, table tennis room, dance room, multi-purpose training center, reading room, outdoor English corner, micro sports grounds, the study and education, recreational facilities, will greatly enrich employees amateur life.


As a key enterprises build in the party committee, led by the positive development of branch members, the work of party building is also important. Party organizations at the same time also adhere to the Party's people line, walking into companies, construct companies, and give full play "from the people, to the people,” working methods. The activities of the Centre Party and our comprehensive new received strong support from party committees, supporting  treadmill , spinning, kick, elliptical machines, dumbbells and other variety of fitness equipments for our gym, and also giving us billiards, table tennis and other recreational facilities, reading rooms, also added ten thousand books.


Our company is committed to improve employee well-being and sense of belonging of mind the Party also unswervingly adhere to the mass line, and work together for the people, staff benefits and improvements.