Our company was awarded the 2015 China Quality Certification Center "A Class Enterprise"
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-12-26 )

December 2015, our company won the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) "A Class Enterprise" certificate issued by Shenzhen sub-center, indicating that our business in full compliance with CQC management requirements, and passed the audition one time, and no non-conformities, it also shows that our  product quality is stable and with high levels of corporate management.


It is reported that, according to the China Quality Certification Center certified production management level, and to ensure that all certified products continue to meet the certification requirements and to classify manufacturers. Over the years, our company especially focus on improving the level of company management, whether in culture management training of staff, optimization and upgrading of management system, improve plant environmental beautification, or of equipment alteration and upgrading, building sustained and healthy development of the management model, audited, the management of our company has reached the China quality Certification Center for a Class A requirements.


Our company got the title of “A Class Enterprise", will inspire us to improve enterprise management, and enhance our competitiveness, in order to contribute to the rapid development of flat panel display industry.


CQC plant audition result divided into four categories:
Class A: enterprise management in full compliance with CQC requirements, passed audition one time without any nonconformity.
Class B: enterprise companies basically with requirements, there is a slight non-conformity, improved information to be submitted within the prescribed period before adoption.
Class C: enterprise with existence of the system does not meet the entry needs rectification, and a second factory audits, and then qualified.
Class D: companies have serious nonconformity, issues related to safety problems, not approved.