Fire Fighting Emergency Evacuation Exercise of 2015 Held in Huinan Factory
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-11-27 )

On November 6th, in order to comply with the activity of “11.9 World Firefighters Day" and improve the whole plant employee safety awareness, the fire fighting emergency evacuation exercise held in Huinan factory. The exercise jointly organized by the Ministry of Security of property group, plant internal safety team, material warehouse and human resources, the majority of employees have participated in this exercise.


The exercise is divided into three phases: the first phase: employees rapidly evacuate from working area to a safe place after hearing the fire alarm under the guidance of staff f, rescue workers rescue the injured employee from the danger zone at the first time.



The second phase: introducing the regular use of dry powder fire extinguishers and fire hydrants to employees by Chen Lin and Shu Qinggai, and then randomly selected employees on-site to operate, the two security chiefs correct actions in for employee operation after completion of their operation. 



The third phase: the material warehouse manager He Jiemin introduces the usage of chemicals, protection emergency measures and leaked arrangement, on-site personnel to simulate operation to all employees participating in the exercise.



The exercise completed its mission perfectly, the reaction time to emergency evacuation organization have been greatly improved through this exercise, organized exercises, our employees' safety will be further protected.