Super Slim, Beauty Enhanced --KTC New Flagship A1 Series TV Debut
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-08-31 )
KTC New Flagship A1 Series TV is going to be on market in mass production during this autumn to welcome the color TV market peak season.
A1 series with ultimate technology, two models are 49-inch and 55-inch, with latest trends in four colors, 4K ultra high-definition super slim intelligent television, are high-end flagship products.
"Super Slim, Affectionate at the first glance"
KTC A1 series combines industry leading technology process, the thinnest part of machine body is only 7.9mm, far thinner than the 9mm standard definition in "ultra-thin television industry technical specifications", reaches the top ultra-thin realm. Within the slim body, using South Korea LG original ELED LCD modules, integrated the best-backlight design technology, the backlight and the LCD glass perfectly fit with each other. Reinforcing rib is used on machine back side, shaping one-piece with fine stainless steel, solid and reliable.There are two types of ultra thin TV designs “Wall mounted” and “Base”:" wall-mounted like a vivid mural hanging on the wall, has home decoration embellishment effect. Idea creates” Plane shape” base to support machine stably, is a living room fine art. 
“Wisdom,” Beauty enhanced", Extraordinary.
KTC A1 series new products using the LG imported four-color ELED 4K IPS hard screen LCD panel with 3840 * 2160 ultra-HD resolution, in silver PC middle frame wrapping edge, screen frame is only 3.5mm, almost no frame design, a whole face vividly shows the beauty of a clear image of 4K.WRGB four-color IPS screen adds a white sub-pixel-based display technology to the original red, green and blue, wide viewing angle of 178 degrees below, can perform more realistic and rich color under lower power consumption, color saturation up to 10-bit or more, image transmittance rate increased by 60% maximum, brighter and more transparent quality, lifelike motion picture is also clear and smooth.
KTC upholds the concept of people, introduces health technology into A1 product, and adds adjusting anti blue light filter technology into TV, to filter out most of the short-wave blue backlight on television, make watching more comfortable, long-term care of children's eyes, prevention myopia.
For hardware and software: KTC A1 powered by the new quad-core Cortex A9 CPU, plus quad-core Mali450 GPU, with 2G DDR3 memory and 8G eMMC high-speed storage space, equipped with 3 HDMI and four USB interfaces, built-in wireless WIFI , support DTMB terrestrial digital TV,  can run the latest Android smart system, built the number of China TV network television resources, support for Dolby digital surround sound DD +. Free and open intelligence platform for sound and picture entertainment, enhanced beauty, extraordinary. 
The year of 2015 is destined to be an extraordinary year for color TV industry; the competition is like the surging torrent, after one year of competition, only the ultimate flagship product can survive and show its beauty to customers, KTC will work with our ODM customers to build a high-end value chain, and help customers to develop their strength and ambition.
The A1 series new products of KTC Technology, standing on the point of ultra thin design, to create enhanced beauty, we welcome you to experience our new products.