Employees' children summer camp starting again
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-08-03 )

The annual summer camp for employees’ children activity is our tradition, no exception for this year. On August 1, 117 children on three buses went to summer camp from Bantian, Shenzhen, and Huinan, the 2015 summer camp location is in Dapeng.


Children arrived at the first stop of the camp at 9 o’clock in the morning, Dapeng Geological Museum, located in south east middle part of Dapeng in east of Shenzhen, the museum is divided into preface hall, earth exploration hall, dapeng peninsula exhibition hall, mineral hall, city hall and the geological environment hall, also has a 3D theater, multi-function report dinosaur hall and outdoor exhibition area. Children visited each exhibition hall with the tour guide. In the museum,  children got a full understanding of the composition of the soil in Shenzhen through tour explain and showcase stories , and further realized the importance of protecting our living environment; the team also enjoyed the odd treasures unearthed mine all over the country and amazed by the greatness of nature. Finally, children watched a 3D short film, learned environmental knowledge and experienced the charm of nature in a relaxed environment.


After lunch, the children traveled to the second camp site: Kiki kingdom. Kiki small kingdom located in Dapeng district, Dongshan Pearl Island, is a spot integrated with entertainment and education. The children are divided into three teams, experienced DIY handmade biscuits, magic school, Adams resistant passenger golf, children's short tennis, catching loach and other projects. In DIY handmade biscuits classroom, the children washed their hands, sit around, carefully listened to the teacher to explain how to make biscuits, wanted to experience the fun of handmade biscuit; in magic school, the clown's magic tricks amused the kids with laugh, children also learned a simple magic with clown; catching loaches is the most fun event for the boys, they caught a lot of them, some little girls caught some loaches too, but they only can take three small loaches as regulation in the park, the children hand over their loaches with honesty.


Sunset falls, children left the kingdom reluctantly, set their feet on the bus to go home. In the return trip, the tour guide distributed their own hand-made biscuits to each child, and praised them on this day of unity and cooperation, honest and trustworthy performance. This year's summer camp came to an end in the kids' youth practicing manual, "the anthem, guess where we go next year?