Classic fine product, KTC L91F series color TV will be released on market
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-07-03 )

Early summer in July, with wind comes from the new season, KTC will soon launch a new L91F series LED TV, new elegant and refined, intrinsic explicit, there are currently 32 inch, 39 inch, 43 inch, 49 inch, 55-inch five models, to meet diverse demands.


L91F series TV is with metal exterior style, simple and tough, which fully shows excellent KTC quality, classic black frame uses hardware spray painting process, making products more slim and smooth, 1.12cm face frame border width, to bring customer more screen visual impact. machine back with one piece shaping plus frosted design, one stamping make the entire LCD TV seamless, Fine metal matte, not only retains the metal texture and beauty, but also ensure product durability, using excellent heat sink function of metal to let the product to a new level.


Full metal semicircle base, metal bending, graceful arc, supplemented by a variety of colors and surface treatment processes, innovative and flexible, color variety, novelty divergent, create more value. Wherein the base support and the semi-circular metal parts are in close contact, echoing the shape of a unified, stable TV set, make it more elegant. Semicircular base blends perfect metal mechanics and aesthetics, luxury and restrained, small transportation space, support is strong and stable.


L91F new series can use A + type LED backlit screen, using direct vertical backlit source, optics program is superior, color is stable and bright, viewing is fresh and smooth. Available in various main board programs to let smart Android TV and 4K technology shine on L91F series, bringing distinguished modern trend of science and technology to users. Elegant and refined L91F series are bound to lead our new round of sales boom.