KTC Attend the CeBIT Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-03-24 )

 The 2015 Hanover consumer electronics, information and communications fair, the CeBIT exhibition will be held in Hannover, Germany Expo Center. During March 16th -20th, our marketing department will carry the 65 -inch TV and other high-quality television products to the exhibition.


CeBIT exhibition is a "show" for domestic manufacturer in Europe, our TV products as treasures in dazzling diamonds, long-lasting quality, and rarity internally and externally. We will show our eight core super TV, model --65S82, with original hard screen, supreme slim, full HD, both parameter index, and the pioneer viewing experience. The exhibition booth design is also based on our theme of "diamond " style , cascading, stylish , circle rippling diamonds shine like a bright TV screen , multi-angle of the diamond cutting surface refraction synopsis products , our booth convey the multi-faceted display, timeless quality spirit. the exibition was a great success to show us a very prosperous future market and will bring us new business.


During technical competition of the major manufacturers in the industry, our television products develop towards larger, thinner, clearer trend, product selection is richer, visual experience with constant innovation, and we continuously work on R & D to offer better products.