KTC Won the “A Class Taxpayer” from Shenzhen State Taxation Administration and Local Taxation Bureau
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-03-21 )

 Recently, the Shenzhen State Administration of Taxation and Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau jointly organized the city's tax credit grading work; our company won the credit A-class taxpayer from state taxation administration and Shenzhen local taxation bureau. .


It is reported that at the end of 2014 , the Shenzhen state taxation administration and the Shenzhen local taxation bureau jointly issued the " Shenzhen tax credit management (for Trial Implementation ) ", designed to further improve the tax credit management, optimization, evaluation, establishing tax incentives and promises, punishment and trustworthy mechanism to create an upgraded version of Shenzhen tax credit system . The main message of the city tax credit grading work for a one-year evaluation , there are three assessments: First, the taxpayer credit history information, including basic information collected from the tax administration system and tax return information , calendar tax credit records , the taxpayer relevant departments in the past credit history ; Second, internal taxation , including tax-related information reporting , tax ( fee ) payment for information , invoices and tax appliance information , registration information and books , tax inspection information ; the third is external information , including the evaluation of the year the taxpayer in the relevant departments credit history , other information affecting their tax credit evaluation.


Tax credit percentile divided by four degrees, more than 90 points , 70 points to 90 points , 40 points to 70 points , 40 points or less , respectively, A, B, C, D grades . We won the 2014 annual Shenzhen state taxation administration credit A-class taxpayer. And get A -level enterprises, the tax authorities will take the initiative announcement list, release invoice supply to companies who won three consecutive years A grade credit, will get the green channel or specialized staff to help handle tax-related matters.


We won this honor means we gained the recognition from state taxation departments according to years of good records. All along , we always improve the internal management , the internal management system to improve the overall quality of financial and accounting personnel , accounting and tax management norms , so that law-abiding , tax law , finance and local economic development and make contributions.