KTC Group Passed the ESD Certification
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-03-12 )

 February 6th, 2015, Shenzhen KTC Technology Group, Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen KTC Commercial Technology Co., Ltd. Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the SGS Company’s ESD static protection system certification. This would mean that our groups have improved up to international leader level in manufacturing technology level, production safety and product protection.


It is reported that getting the ESD static protection systems have stringent certification standards and practical significance, in our country, ESD is an important criteria for many companies encounter international customer’s trial plants. ESD is the certification standards for international leading electronic component buyers, in order to become well-known brand suppliers; ESD20.20 is almost a mandatory certification standards. as an international brand of ODM supplier , and in order to better protect our products from static electricity problems , also to improve our production standards and product quality, access to ESD certification is really necessary task for us. 


Project certification agencies, according to ANSI / ESD S20.20: 2007 standards have reviewed our specifications , including the establishment of our factory in the ESD system , the establishment of the EPA , sensitive device packaging, handling of all aspects of production , personnel training and assessment, the establishment of internal audit system and inspection, testing and other aspects of the practical operation , and finally confirm the level of issuance of the final confirmation of our ESD static protection system certification in the various aspects of performance have been achieved certification standards.


The development of technology has brought a wonderful change to our lives, to ensure that science and technology serve the people, we must first ensure the quality and safety technology products, we assure the Quality Root management philosophy, bound to strict quality control, play each active role in terms of certification and audit standards, and create conscience products, let technology improve lives.