KTC Won Zhongkai the Third Team Honor of Cutting-edge Innovation and Entrepreneurship
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-01-26 )
January 22nd , 2015 , "Triumph of Talents Scheme " Zhongkai ( National ) High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, the third cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurial achievement conference was held successfully , the principal leaders of district attended the General Assembly , our team won the cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship , was invited to attend.
The theme of this conference is "innovation journey, our story”, is a summary and commendation conference for former November launched cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship contest conducted by Zhongkai High-tech Zone. Cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship contest  is Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone party office for further implementation of the " Triumph of Talents Scheme " plan , by direction of industrial development of the area in line with Zhongkai area " 4 + 2 " corporate industrial system launched an excellent selection and award activities. Objects need to be selected in technology, management, business model innovation and other aspects of talent or team, as well as growth, typical of entrepreneurial talent and teams.
All together 72 individual events and 61 teams participating through the primaries, expert review, public online voting , after identification , recognition for publicity , and ultimately 11 individuals and 11 teams divided by cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship, personal , team award. Our research and development team with a flat panel display and software development of innovative projects in the field of innovation terminal stand out, get cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurial team title and funding. Each leader of Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone takes great importance to this event, Yang Pengfei, director of community district made an introduction for the recent results of the work to promote scientific and technological innovation, and that always clutching "Zhongkai Talents Scheme " and " Kai Ju innovation  processes" , continuous technological innovation activities on the region encourage and promote the work .
As a technology innovation-oriented enterprises, we gain gratifying results on personnel training, high-level personnel identified , patent applications and other works , We always adhere the corporate mission task " science and technology to improve lives ", continuously improve productivity and technology  under government's help , attach to solid foundation, and social returns.