KTC was Awarded as the Title of 2014 Annual Guangdong Province Employer Liability Model
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2014-12-18 )

 December 2014, the Office of Guangdong Province joint meeting issued the “Guangdong Best Employers” and "Guangdong employer liability model,” we were in the list. The honor gave us the affirmation to be a positive role in the coordination of our production and labor relations, and the role played by efforts to create a good market economic order as well as made a good business environment.


Guangdong Province joint meeting made the election in order to establish employer’s sense of responsibility, optimize labor management, attention to staff development, in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrade to make greater contributions. Employer liability which means employers in the organization of economic production process, the development of harmonious labor relations, to achieve a win-win labor relation, and its contents are: steady development, employment law, labor coordination, human care and social responsibility. Guangdong Province joint meeting made the decision for the list through evaluation of indexes for 5 level one index, 20 secondary indexes and 70 third indexes. .


We always adhere to the principle of people-centered, recruit more capable staffs, have perfect salary and benefits system, and give full play to all personnel to achieve self-worth, and get good returns. Our company has always focused on employee well-being improvement, tireless commitment to optimize employee working and living environment, in order to let KTC staffs to develop with KTC, together to meet a better tomorrow.