The KTC Flat Panel Display Project Has Settled down in Huizh
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2010-11-18 )

    On November 10, 2010, our company held a signing ceremony with Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Park of Zhongkai Hi-tech District, Huizhou. Thus, the KTC Flat Panel Display Project officially settled down in Huizhou. This ceremony drew high attention from leaders of Huizhou, and many of them were present at the signing ceremony, including Zhang Ying (Standing Member of Huizhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and First Deputy Mayor of Huizhou), Lian Weiguang (Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government), Zhong Yi’er (Secretary of Zhongkai Hi-tech District Committee), Lu Weihang (Standing Member of the District Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee), Xie Yuanqu (Standing Member of the District Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee), Zhou Zhangyu (Deputy Director of the Management Committee and Deputy Chief of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology), etc..

(Zhang Ying, the First Deputy Mayor, and Ling Bin, the Chairman of the Board, talked about the project.)

    Zhong Yi’er, Secretary of Zhongkai Hi-tech District Committee, said at the ceremony that: the entry of KTC was beneficial for the economic development of the Hi-tech District; the signing between the two parties was just a starting point of their cooperation; the Hi-tech District Committee and the Management Committee, on the basis of good faith, would make all-out efforts to create a good investment environment for KTC, to provide excellent and efficient services and to offer substantial support in terms of investment policies.

    KTC will make investments in Huizhou to construct a high-efficiency and high-automation display terminal product line which occupies an area of 200,000m2 with an annual production capacity of 8,000,000 sets. It is planned that mass production will have been achieved by the end of 2012. After that, the manufacturing focus of the company will be transferred to Huizhou which boasts obvious advantages in manufacturing, thus to further improve the core competence and band influence of our company in the field of flat panel display and to build up the world-class ODM brand in the display terminal field.

(Ling Bin, the Chairman of the Board, and Luo Zhicheng, the Deputy Secretary of Committee for Zhongkai High-tech Industrial Zone, signed a contract.)

(City leaders held a celebration party after the signing ceremony.)