The Second Phase of“KTC New Flat Display Project”Constructing Smoothly
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2014-08-21 )

Phase two construction project of “KTC new flat panel display project “goes well with work on schedule since it’s starting on March 15 of this year.  The whole construction project includes number four working plant, two dormitory buildings with area of 126853.85㎡ totally , plus outdoor and landscape projects, total investment is over 200 million Yuan.


6 to 9  working plants have been completed until June of this year , 7and 8 working plats have finished pouring concrete slabs for four floors, 6 and 9 working plants finished  ± 0.00 under works. Meanwhile, dormitory static pile also fully completed, ongoing work is excavation cap. The whole project expected to be completed next year in March.


Phase two project can be smoothly constructed has close relationship with all the great support from leaders of our company, they take importance on supporting the project, and it is close to the hard work of the staffs from Ministry of Infrastructure and the positive efforts of all staff of various departments of finance, administration and so on. We firmly believe that our joint efforts will achieve a better project than phase one.