Specialized Project Fund Received for Gaining Top 100 Modern Industries in Huizhou
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2014-06-10 )

In recent years , in order to accelerate the top 100 modern industrials, the Huizhou municipal government focus on fostering main projects, speeding up industrial restructuring and upgrading , building a modern industrial system,  the government promulgated the " Modern industry , Huizhou, 100 special fund Management Measures" .Our company carried out the applying work in September 2013, and was recently successfully won the special fund, which marked the development prospects of our company has been fully endorsed by the Huizhou municipal government .

In December 2010 , our company started to invest in Huizhou, established Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd. , with a total construction area of 340,000 square meters , the project first phase was completed in October 2013 and went into operation at the same time . The first phase KTC project in Huizhou includes a light guide diaphragm workshop, backlight module workshop, SMT chip workshop, automatic plug-in workshop, and machine assembly lines. With the increase of our order volume, the existing plant production capacity cannot meet market demand, the company decided to build a second phase project, and started in March 2014, upon completion of the second phase project, our company will add a new production line of LED flat panel TV to expand production scale. By then, Huizhou KTC flat panel display project will give a new impetus to the development and lay a solid foundation for the development for inland and overseas markets.

To get the special projects fund strengthened our investment confidence in the future , our company will accelerate the development and construction projects in supporting Huizhou municipal government and relevant departments to maintain the momentum of stable development of the industry , to focus resources continue to go independent innovation and industrial upgrading on the road , with upstream and downstream customers to build a win-win cooperation platform , fostering a healthy industrial environment to enlarge and make our company stronger, and strive to become one of the world-class display terminal manufacturers .