The Company Activity of Supporting Environmental Protection Starting from Us
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2014-06-10 )

On May 24 , the administrative offices , joint KTC union, KTC CP branch , KTC volunteer teem organized the activity of " supporting Environmental Protection , Starting from Us",  Through this activity we hope to strengthen people’s awareness of environmental protection and live a green life, as well as to strengthen team cohesion to build a better home because of the team work of everyone. The activity was greatly supported by our staffs with a positive registration.

We had a big shinning day on 24th; we went on foot from the company to Bantian Jinshan Park in order to follow the activity theme of environmental protection, green travel to conduct the Park Cleaning activity, mainly focus in cleaning, white trash and debris pick up and all kinds of wastes in the park. Volunteers brought their own cleaning tools, divided into seven groups, and carefully cleaned the street, the lawn, and garbage in trees. After nearly an hour, the park road, green leaves showed it cleaned new face. We received highly accomplishments from the people passed by in the park because of our hard and busy work. Then, we distributed protection bags to the local passengers, promoted environmental knowledge to enhance everyone's environmental awareness, and appealed to everyone to improve from daily life, to practice bit by bit starting from us. Take practical actions to protect the environment, and also save energy.

Through this activity we tried to inspire everyone’s environmental protection awareness, to encourage more and more people to participate in environmental protection action, to let people really take action to support environmental protection starting from us to live a low carbon and healthy living method. The activity will be continuously carried out by our company from time to time in order to contribute to enhance Bantian and Shezhen ecological civilization.